If you google “wanderlust” you’ll find the term defined as follows:


 It may come as no surprise that I suffer from an insatiable case of wanderlust. After my first trip to Kosrae in 1998, I came back to the US and I haven’t been able to sit still since. That being said, I did manage to live in Greenville for 6 years after returning. How? Well I found that the more I travel, the better I can tolerate living in the same place for an extended period of time. A couple of trips to Hawaii, visits to NYC and Arizona, and several roadtrips were key! The average length of my normal stay in one place has been about 2 years. For some reason after the 2 year mark, I either get anxious or I find some solid excuse to submerge myself in new scenery.

In 2012 I thought long and hard about moving to DC. I had a couple of reasons of course. I fell in love with the area for its mix of cultures and rich history. I also fell for a girl who lived in the vicinity. It didn’t take long before the frequent roadtrips rekindled the thought of moving there. Before I knew it, that relationship had fallen apart but I felt like I was too deep in the process to just back out. It did give me a solid chance to examine my reasons for moving. When all was said and done, I knew that I wanted this change. Regardless of the relationship that didn’t work out, I had no doubt that I was doing it for myself. Was it the best decision of my life? Yes. Yes it was.

That decision crossed my path with that of my soulmate. I am very blessed to have a few friends that I consider my “besties”. The wonderful thing is that they are all so different and I love them all (equally) for very unique reasons. After a year of sharing a home on the edge of DC, Michelle earned her spot amongst some of my favorite souls.

In 2014, Michelle was scheduled for a business trip to Mexico City. When she asked me if I wanted to meet her in Cabo San Lucas, I immediately said yes! I already had a plane ticket that was supposed to be used for Hawaii. (I cancelled that trip because once you’ve seen Hawaii 11 times…well…it loses its appeal). Cabo was not the trip that you would expect from the 2 girls who loved to frequent the local neighborhood bars and “occasionally” overindulge in the libations. It was amazing nonetheless. We woke up every morning to catch the sunrise. We soaked in a hot tub under the stars. We ate the most delicious food at the least touristy spots. We explored cacti in the Wirikuta Garden. We conversed with the most charming local residents (all of whom thought I spoke fluent Spanish). We took a seemingly long roadtrip to La Paz where we enjoyed some of the freshest seafood. And one of my favorite memories…we pulled off the side of a long lonely highway, into a super sketchy abandoned drive way in the middle of the desert….to watch the sunset of course! I can’t begin to describe what it’s like to watch a fiery sun dip into an ocean horizon while sharing the canvas with fields of giant cacti. Photos don’t do it justice. All I can tell you is that trip fueled my wanderlust even more!

For me, traveling isn’t about taking a vacation and getting rest. In fact, if you know me, you know I don’t really like to rest at all. I travel because I’m fascinated with life and all it has to offer. I love experiencing new things and getting to know ways of life that are different from the one I grew up knowing. This world is full of so much natural beauty and there’s nothing better than being in the midst of that and just soaking it all in.

Wanderlust will always be ingrained in my soul. I’ll never cease to be amazed by this planet. My only wish is to discover as much of it as I possibly can while I’m here. And when I’m gone, you can believe that my soul is going to cover any places that I’ve missed.