2016 “Resolutions”

I smile when I hear people speak of their new year’s resolutions. So many have become calloused after many failed attempts to follow through with their goals. Year after year we have the best of intentions. It’s as if the new start makes everything fresh…including our faith in ourselves. I for one, think that it’s a beautiful thing to see people who are willing to try again.

I am one of those people. My biggest struggle thus far has been my health and my weight. Between gym memberships, Pinterest motivation boards, protein shakes, fitness challenges, cleanses, and more, I have tried and failed many times. Luckily I have had just enough success to know what I am capable of. That is enough for me to never stop trying. I have my moments of weakness and I am currently in the midst of my longest “weak streak” ever. I have lacked motivation for too long now. I’ve set goal dates for improvement and watched as they passed me by. However I refuse to accept this rut that I’ve been stuck in. Physically, I feel awful. I know what I have to do and I am going to be one of the thousands who set their goals high for the new year.

My fitness goals go hand in hand with every other goal I have. In 2016, I want to continue to learn and grow and pave the way for my future. I can’t do any of this if I don’t take care of myself mentally AND physically. I know I am not an expert on these things but I have decided to start a list of everything that I am committing myself to doing in order to get myself to where I need to be. I have no doubt that this list will grow but this will do for a start.

For my health goals:

  • I will do no less than 5 hours of exercise/physical activity every week
  • I will cut out bad carbs (pasta, bread, rice, and all other bad sugary things)
  • I will plan my meals and shop for groceries instead of eating out
  • Goodbye fast food! I’ll miss you for a minute (trust me, it passes!)
  • I will make sure that I get all the vitamins and nutrients that I need
  • I will keep a written journal to track all that I do!

For my overall personal enrichment:

  • Throughout 2016, I will visit at least 10 places I’ve never been before
  • I will pour more into my artistic side and  create at least one piece of art each month
  • I will finish every book that I currently own and have not read
  • I will make time to volunteer for good causes as often as possible
  • I will complete my college courses with a B+ or higher
  • I will set aside money into my savings each week
  • I will always have something to give to those who are less fortunate (whether it’s a dollar, a sandwich, or a warm pair of gloves…I’ll show generosity every chance I get)
  • I won’t waste my days with idleness
  • I will chase more sunsets and wake up for more sunrises
  • I will savor every moment with my friends and family
  • I’ll make sure the people who mean the most, always know that I love them
  • I will live with purpose
  • I will live without regret.

I don’t expect 100% perfection but if I fall I will get up and I will keep pushing forward. My expectations are high and I am determined to meet them. In the grand scheme of things, I want this to be a year full of growth and love and some really awesome times. I want to make a positive difference in this world in whatever way I can, big or small. Time is precious and this life is precious and I will never take any of this for granted.

As you set your resolutions for 2016, I wish you nothing but strength and peace. I ask that you give it all you’ve got but above all, never stop trying!



Author: la_keek

It just so happens that I have experienced enough life to want to share it with you. Here lies my mess, my thoughts, my opinions, and my loves. I don't know where my fingers will take this blog but I can promise you it will be ALL over the the place. Enjoy!

One thought on “2016 “Resolutions””

  1. I like the turning point that happened here. Every article now I have read on new year’s resolutions is why they are so passé (“resolutions? so 2015!”.. etc) I think resolution/intention setting is just an exercise we don’t do often enough– and this is what makes them fail, that we don’t do them enough as the year passes. We need to touch base with what we hope for and how we can do it. Love this is and plan to integrate some of those bullet points:)


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